DSC_3727Leadership Development Programmes

These are various educational programmes/workshops/seminars that are aimed at advancing the development, status and wellbeing of the Balance House members. These include finance (business) educational programmes/workshops/seminars that aim to enhance knowledge and induce a goal driven vision and attitude within members, leaving them with a deeper ability to become commercial leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. These also include programmes that concentrate on character growth which leads to growth in the members’ capacity and commitment to do their best work at any commercial leadership sphere, work with integrity and lead lives of purpose.

Business Affairs Forums

These are forums where national and global commerce (business) and commerce related matters are critically analysed and discussed. This plays a key role in ensuring that developing leaders keep abreast with all the relevant news happening locally and internationally. This also allows the Balance House and its members, where deemed important, to provide effective interventions on matters analysed and discussed to the necessary authorities and establishments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The International Standards Organisation (ISO), while considering organisations in general, define social responsibility as “a balanced approach for organisations to address economic, social and environmental issues in a way that aims to benefit people, communities and society”. As part of developing exclusive leaders, we at Balance House believe that one of the key aspects that need to be developed within leaders is the ability to understand the importance of social Responsibility and partake in social Responsibility.

Intergenerational Programmes

This involves the initiation and implementation of intergenerational programs to increase cooperation, interaction or exchange between any two generations. These programs purposefully bring together people of different age groups in ongoing, mutually beneficial, planned activities, designed to achieve specified program goals. Intergenerational programs provide children, youth and older adults to volunteer while contributing meaningfully to society. At the same time, Intergenerational programs provide a supportive environment conducive to supporting emotional, intellectual, and social growth as well as physical activity. Intergenerational programs may take many forms but all demonstrate benefits across the ages.

Advanced Networking

This involves building relationships with corporate organisations/companies so as to link them with the members and other related stakeholders on a more personal platform, therefore benefiting all parties involved in various ways

Balance House Publications

The Balance House compiles relevant publications and disseminates information relating to the commerce (business) environment, commerce students (including related fields) and all relevant aspects of their respective fields.

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