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AND THE PORTFOLIO OF THE MONTH IS....pngJKKDASAnd the winning portfolio of May is…

The Business Affairs Portfolio!

Meet the members of this portfolio:

Joe B. Kasuyi

I would describe myself as creative, caring and complex. On the flip side, impatient with regards to my time-line for achievement, hardly satisfied by end results and always looking towards the future. I believe I am an transformative leader. Reason being, because I seek to find the hidden talents and true potential in those around me and seek to instill within them the confidence and level of focus required to achieve what they can for themselves. My main aspirations are to see myself venturing into entrepreneurship, creating my own conglomerate. I would ultimately want to see these various companies (small, medium and large) not only become successful but to change their respective industries at some level and change the lives of many rather than a select few. I would like to see myself also pursuing my vocations more and turning them into alternative or secondary forms of income. These vocations being freelance writing (online), publishing two books and possibly life coaching. I would like to see myself freeing my time as a result of these endeavors by 2024. #My10YearPlan

I joined Balance House as a step towards grooming my own leadership potential, to be apart of something bigger than myself and to put myself in a position to learn from inspiring and hard working individuals as a means of achieving personal development and growth. To me, being a Balance House member means moving out of the realm of leadership critique, simply giving opinions on world views or discussion groups for a false sense of being proactive. It means to be active for others and to be accountable and inspirational to others. As a Balance House member myself and the rest of my team is put in a position to be able to reshape people’s thoughts, giving them a new portal to knowledge and an active mechanism for change that we want to see in the world and for the future. Balance House continues to push me to “throw away the box” that is my own set of constraints that would otherwise prevent me from achieving what it is I envisage for myself. It helps me by putting me in a position to hone my technical and “soft” (interpersonal) skills, to challenge myself to do more and to always pursue goals, not simply dream about them. Thus far I have seen myself grow as an individual. Not shying away from challenges, improving my skills set and striving to achieving greater things.

My motto in life is “content but never satisfied”. This implies that one should always find time to achieve things that will bring satisfaction and to find happiness in your achievements (goals that you accomplish), however, to never let the contentment of goal achievement to result in complacency. There is always room to do more, to go further and to be greater. My message for the next young leader would be to not let youth be a boundary to achieving great things. Dare to do big things. Stay hungry and learn as much as possible about yourself and be aware of what is truly going around you to be able to find your place in life and change your surroundings for the better.

Dimpho Matlala

I am a driven, ambitious young lady. I have great resilience, which is an attribute that enables me to take on any challenge and embrace change. I believe I am a leader that leads by example and a leader who is driven to see change and progress. I don’t hesitate to get my hands dirty and lead by example. I aspire to reach the potential that drives me to work hard and inspires me every day. I aspire to create jobs for many Africans, to alleviate poverty and reduce crime as well as growing the South African economy.

Balance house is a well-rounded organisation that develops every aspect of leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development. I have always desired to associate myself with like-minded people whom I can learn from, inspire and also be inspired by. Balance House is made up of an impeccable unmatched group of individuals with equally amazing attributes. Balance House will assist me in reaching my goals by providing a networking platform and grooming me to be a good leader. The organisation helps me get closer to achieving my goals with the networking base it provides and mentorship I get. I can thus pursue my dreams. I am in my last year of my BCOM degree. I have met and interacted with people who have inspired me to achieve success no matter what the odds are. I am yet to achieve greatness through the assistance of Balance House.

I strongly believe that everyone gets what they deserve. If you work hard, you will reap the rewards and get what you deserve. If you are lazy, you will also get what you deserve. Simply put; you can’t cheat the hustle, it knows how much you’ve invested in it. I want to reassure young leaders that their dreams are valid, and to encourage them to work hard and strive to achieve their dreams against all odds.







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