What can be sponsored

Sponsorship towards Balance House can be done in various ways which include the following:

  • The sponsoring of required resource(s);
  • The funding of required resources through direct payment/purchase from the manufacturers/developers of the required resource(s);
  • Cash sponsorship;
  • The rendering of professional services that are in line with the vision and mission of the Balance House for a specified target group

The benefits of sponsoring

Our mission is to help build a globally competitive South Africa by contributing to the development, growth and strengthening of the South African economy and society. We believe that one of the key ways to achieve this is through empowering all stakeholders that have a direct or indirect interest in the organisation in ways that are unique and structured to their benefit. The ways in which Balance House can benefit you include the following:

  • Your entity’s name featured in future meetings and acknowledgement at various presentations;
  • Your entity’s name branded on sponsored Balance House material;
  • Direct and/or indirect marketing of your entity events to a specified target market;
  • Invitations and free VIP access to all Balance House events related and beneficial to your entity;
  • Networking opportunities through various initiatives/events;
  • Planning and hosting developmental initiatives/events for your entity;
  • Link your entity with students and other related stakeholders on a more personal platform for mutual beneficial purposes


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