Dalva Macheve-Internal Operations Director (1)

Dalva Macheve

I was born in Paris, France. Five years later my family and I moved to our homeland where I grew up and found my identity. The land is Mozambique. As the daughter of a diplomat I had the opportunity to travel many cities around the world, including New York where I lived for 6 years from 2005 to 2011. Over the years, if there was one lesson that I learned, it was that the world is made up of a diverse breed of people with incongruent state of minds and it is important, for the growth of an individual, to be aware of and understand the latter.

In 2012, I came to Pretoria to pursue a degree in Financial Management at Varsity College. In the course of the year I had the chance to meet the Executive Director and Founder of Balance House who was confidently able to identify leadership characteristics in me. In the consequent year I was no longer just a student, but I became the Internal Operations Director of the Balance House. In this light, I am a firm believer of the fact that Balance House is a catalyst for excellence.

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