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Grant Senzani

I could literally sum myself up in one of my favourite quotes: “Only dead fish go with the flow!” For as long as I can remember I have defined myself by those words. I have gone against the current numerously with a provoking vision in my mind of how things should be and what I need to do to get them there. I chose to never follow the path of any one else unless it was heading in the same direction as mine. I take great pride in establishing my own path and seeking the adventure it brings. After all, we define our own destinies if we have the courage to write them.

It’s of my personal belief that everyone should be the master of their own destiny and seek their paths ferociously. The first step in doing that is to become your own leader. The tallest oak in the forest was once just a litlle nut that stood its ground. This is what my role entails as Leadership Development Director, to grow the oak within you.

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