Koketso Mogoaneng-Financial Director

Koketso Mogoaneng

My success depends on me, I steer my own course, I shape my fortune and I  my future! It took me a while to realize that the future is mine, what I do today will affect my tomorrow. I am Koketso Kabelo Mogoaneng, born ans raised in Pretoria in a house full of strong individuals and everything I needed, was provided for.

In 2003 I was shipped off to boarding school 122 km away from my comfortable life. Being there taught me how to be independent, how to interact with different characters and learn about their backgrounds, it taught me how to stand for what I believe in. I was a leader amongst my peers, first team hockey captain for three years, a coach for the under fourteen hockey team, I excelled in Mathematics, English and Accounting and I managed to walk away with a distinction in my final year of high school.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Accountancy while being a Director in three different companies including Balance House. Before being appointed to be the Financial Director for Balance House, I frequently had meetings with our Founder Mr Thindisa and we would share our business ideas, but after joining  the team and being surrounded by great minds, I realized that I should work for my future, today! Balance House has and is still grooming me to be a distinct and exclusive breed of a leader and I believe that we (Balance House) will immensely contribute to the economy and to our society.



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