Lesega Phiri

I am a young lady with realistic views upon life. Raised as an only child but taught to know and value the importance of sharing and comprehending that life does not revolve around oneself. I am an optimist that is not easily influenced by pessimistic surroundings. I am an avid Balance House Director that aspires to make change and to see change take place against all odds. I believe that we are all purpose driven and that each one of us can realize their fullest potential by means of having an ardent attitude towards our abilities and capabilities.

I am a being with a fervent attitude simply humbled by what life offers, be it pleasant or challenging. I am a firm believer in purpose, because God does everything with relevance and with reason. I chose my path to be one of dilligence, discipline, devotion, determination, drive and distinction. I am not perfect, I am perfectly imperfect and I am Lesega J Phiri.

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